Systems Thinking

"Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current pattern of thought." - Albert Einstein

A dynamically evolving economy has triggered a sense of urgency in organisations to respond and adapt rapidly to change. Businesses have realised that dealing with new world problems with conventional thinking and formulations leads to unintended and sometimes devastating effects. Since familiar patterns of response to unexpected changes are proving less and less useful for sustainability, it has become imperative that organisational transformation must be based on a different paradigm. Systems thinking is the vantage point from which organisations can be viewed not as a as a collection of parts and events but as interdependent dynamic systems webbed together to make a whole.

6Cubes Systems Thinking Programme helps participants to understanding how systems work by increasing their ability to see the bigger picture through multiple perspectives rather than linear cause-and-effect chains. They become systems thinkers who are able to understand inter-connections, complexity of problems and identify leverage points that can lead to desired outcomes for their organisations.

For Whom - Organisation, independent body or change initiators with a need to manage dynamic and complex problems.