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Today's workforce has access to an incessant flow of information, trends and practices using which they are expected to reach challenging targets at work. Individuals need creativity as well as acute intellectual skills to significantly channelize critical thinking in any given situation. Organisations need to create and cultivate a naturally enabling atmosphere where people can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, skills and behaviours to engage themselves to contribute to the goals of the business. 6Cubes defies the myth that the training needs of individuals with the same knowledge and experience are similar within the organisation. We are mindful of our responsibility to translate any organisationís objectives into a practicably interesting process for employees to feel involved, understand and promptly apply the learning. We scour through our diverse client base and extensive industry knowledge, applying competent learning solutions while utilising the effectual methodologies and tools. 6Cubes training programmes are custom-made to suit several stages of employee development enabling individuals to meet organisational objectives, feel accomplished, energised and ready for the next set of challenges at the workplace. 6cubes emphasises on enriching human capital across todayís public and private sectors. Leveraging our broad integrated perspective and extensive experience, our training solutions are classified into three broad categories - EQUIP, EMPOWER and ENHANCE.


In every business, locating the right skills for the right work, encouraging productive employees, identifying and mentoring underperformers are decisive factors to achieve productivity and reach organisational goals. As a result, our professional development and career progression programmes are designed to upgrade knowledge and skills of individuals to manage their changing roles.

EQUIP is one of our most remarkable action-oriented training modules designed for individual contributors, executives, team members and middle managers who are significantly participating in the teamís growth but are not exposed to learning modules on behaviour and skill development.


EMPOWER is a specific design developed for resources moving up the progression ladder and for top performers in an organisation. This programme is an enabler, helping people to enhance and refine skills needed to manage teams competently, value contributions, inspire and mentor team members to transform into strategic resources to achieve organisational excellence.

EMPOWER programmes facilitate participants to work on personal skill gaps, broaden their understanding of skills required in providing constructive feedback and increase the morale in the team.


ENHANCE is set of contrived programmes that facilitate corporate and business leaders with high levels of learning and experience to drive change and bring about organisational wins. These leadership development programmes help leaders gain a strategic perspective into leadership.