6Cubes Signature Program


In the present business environment, negotiation skill is the single largest contributor to deal with the unpredictable. Disagreements arise as beliefs of people are brought together. Even the Win-Win mantra of negotiation plays to our emotions and push us into a state of compromise. Negotiations lose their impact and collapse if situations are not understood from all perspectives and will have a detrimental effect on business relationships.

The point of all negotiation is to reach agreements without causing barriers in relationships. Therefore, a paradigm shift in approach to business negotiation is needed to value the other side’s perception, learn about the loss of profit from confrontation and gain value by constantly pushing for collaboration.

6Cubes Negotiation Programs show you how to accomplish a satisfying negotiation outcome every time.

The programs help in preventing conflicts, reaching agreements without being combative and offering trust but insisting on commitments. Our range of services enables you to create and execute highly effective negotiation strategies from diagnosis to management all the away to successful execution.

6Cube Negotiation Solutions are categorised into;

1. Initiator
2. Intermediary
3. Inventor
4. Negotiators Laboratory

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