6Cubes Signature Program


For Whom - This programme is for individuals with limited levels of authority responsible for the generation of winning, regardless of what is being negotiated or with whom.

Executives at the start of their negotiating career, including team members, associates, individual contributors, sales negotiators, HR representatives and the like will benefit from attending this programme.

Key Takeaway - Participants learn the art and practice of negotiation to preserve credibility, create leverage, build relationships and achieve collaborative outcomes.

Durarion : 2 Days with a Follow-up of One half day Session


For Whom - This programme is for resources who are involved in negotiating with suppliers, customers, partners and internal stakeholders to achieve significant saving in the commercial outcomes.

Officers from supply-chain, procurement specialists, buyers, commercial negotiators, customer interfacing experts, account managers, logistics specialist, and project managers will benefit from this programme.

Key Takeaway - The participants develop the skill of commercial negotiations impacting buyer/seller relationships in the short and long term. They also understand the various perspectives – the process, the parties involved, objectives and importance of bargaining.

Durarion : 2 Days with a Follow-up of One full-day session with feedback and future course of action


For Whom - This programme is for corporate decision makers involved in managing people and businesses with a specific emphasis on collaborative relationships. This programme is best suited for people involved in complex multi-party negotiations, business leaders, key account managers, OEM negotiators and anyone who require upgrading of their existing negotiating skill.

Key Takeaway - The participants develop ability to deal with difficult people, stay calm, confident while negotiating, and resolve conflicts. They learn to prepare in advance for important negotiations to strike better deals, improve business relationships and negotiate effectively across genders.

Durarion : 2 Days with Follow-up of One day session including feedback and coaching


For Whom - 6Cubes Negotiators’ Laboratory focuses on developing solutions according to the specific need of the client, addressing the systems and building an actionable plan for forthcoming negotiations. We work with our clients in a collaborative effort to put together the best negotiation strategy. This programme is a hands-on experience using real-life based multilateral negotiation simulations, which will be videotaped and analysed step-by-step to reach maximum learning for the group.

Key Takeaway - Participants learn to analyse the situation, understand the impact of their own styles and parties involved, influence, collaborate and manage multi-party negotiations using effective persuasive skills. In the process, negotiators study others’ emotions and hidden motives so that the process can transform the negotiation from one of entrapment to a way to reach more satisfactory and sustainable solutions.

Durarion : Client Specific