Mastering Difficult Conversations

Program Overview

Telling a client the project is delayed, addressing performance and disciple issues etc., presenting bad news all call for tough talk that generates reluctance and even anxiety. Avoiding such conversations can adversely impact the company's image and employee morale but when handled well, it restores trust, improves engagement and builds customer loyalty.

6Cubes "Mastering Difficult Conversations" program focuses on how to prepare for these crucial conversations, how to conduct and control oneself during the discussion process and how to ensure a satisfactory outcome for both the conversational partners. The workshop helps participants to prepare for sensitive discussions and to manage the exchange smoothly without emotional upheavals. It focuses on improving the confidence of participants in tackling difficult discussions with ease.


          1. Frame difficult conversations in a more positive, less binary way, so it feels more normal

          2. Keep relationships intact and produce better outcomes

          3. Prepare a strategy for conversations that are flexible

          4. Gain respect by defusing negative emotion and proposing alternate solutions


Business Leaders | HR Business Partners | Managers : Who interact routinely with internal as well as external stakeholders


18th & 19th of August 2017 - Mysore, 22nd & 23rd of August 2017 - Bangalore


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