Managing Complexity Using Systems Thinking

Program Overview

In the face of the complex challenges of today's businesses, questions that top executives and leaders frequently ask are: "how can we be held accountable when everything is interdependent?", "what can we do when today's solutions may be out-dated tomorrow?", "how can we sort this out?" Managing complexity needs to become a core competency of top executives and management. Navigating through this complexity requires a different way of thinking and action.

6Cubes "Managing Complexity Using Systems Thinking" program examines how systemic thinking enables leaders to cope with the connections between things, events and ideas. Systems Thinking views the organization as a whole and focuses on interdependencies and relationships between various departments, functions and divisions and how they impact each other and the entire organisation. By taking a broader perspective, it becomes easier to navigate through complexity and even take advantage of it. The workshop introduces concepts and tools of Systems Thinking and relates them to strategic issues and complexities impacting organisations today


          1. Build a critical mass of people with the knowledge and skills to manage complexity

          2. They will be able to recognise the dynamic and interdependent nature of recurring problems and to
              identify key leverage points for lasting interventions

          3. Participants learn to use Systems Thinking concepts and tools. Model and explain complex and dynamic
              situations related to growth, stability and competitiveness


Business Leaders | Core Enabling Staff | Change Initiators | Design Engineers | Managers and individuals looking for a new approach to manage complex problems


14th & 15th of December 2017 - Bangalore


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